Glock 26,27, 33 Sta-Tite Guide Rod

The ONLY recoil assembly suitable for use in your carry pistol.


YES, works in ALL GENERATIONS  of G26,27,33. GEN 1,2,3 AND 4.

G26 from retention

The rod is machined from 17-4 PH H1150 Stainless Steel.  The screw and spring cup are machined from 300 series Stainless Steel.

G26 shot 1

G26 shot 2

G26 close up

Glock spring cup 1

Glock spring cup 2

No messing around here.  No compromises.  This assembly won’t come apart, it won’t break during installation and with the black screw it will not be a source of reflection in a low light situation.

Using factory Glock springs you retain the function Glock intended.  The BT rod gives you the peace of mind to KNOW that your pistol will function 100% without any concern for breakage.

The new toolkit coming at the end of May will assemble/dis-assemble ALL Glock models and facilitates VERY quick and easy spring changes.

Purchase a G26,27,33 rod with new Glock springs installed for $54.00.  This is the best thing to put in your gun besides bullets.

Glock 26,27,33 Sta-Tite Guide rod w/ factory springs